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Sir William de Graham seems to be the first person bearing the Graham name found in written records. In Scotland, he witnessed the chartering of the Abbey of Holyrood by David I in 1128. Sir William de Graham acquired the lands of Abercorn and Dalkeith in Midlothian.

Descendants of Peter, the eldest son of Sir William de Graham, are traceable down to the end of the fourteenth century, when the line ended with a daughter. The male line of Grahams was carried on through Sir William de Graham's second son, John. His descendants enlarged the clan estate holdings northward through good management and marriage. The "gallant Grahams" distinguished themselves as leaders and as warriors on the battlefields for the Scottish cause.

Through the years of war and deceit, the Grahams lost lands, and some were pushed out of Scotland. Many of those who were pushed out went to Ireland. They eventually ended up in the American colonies. These Grahams, like many of the "Scotch-Irish" settlers in the colonies, fought well to obtain independence in America.

Clan Graham Genealogical and Reunion Association links our ancestry to John Graham and Mary Pennington. They married in 1798 in Virginia and soon started a family. They traveled west with their family. After John's death in Alabama, Mary journeyed to Texas with some of her children.

Today, John and Mary's descendants meet each year for a family reunion. The Clan Graham Genealogical and Reunion Association was established by them in the late 1980's. The first reunion was held in 1989 in Alvarado, Texas. During the 2000's, the association decided to move our meeting place to Coryell County, Texas where Mary Pennington Graham moved to with some of her children. She would live the remainder of her life in Coryell County, Texas.